About Me

Hello friend!

I’m Breona, the founder of this space, thagreymatter. I’m like a kindred spirit, helping others build amazing lives through intentional, purposeful, and healthy living. While sharing about my personal growth, I hope to help others along the way.

To give you the quick story. I am a pretty awesome woman simply trying to figure this life shit out. Seriously.

Things haven’t always come easy for me, but they have always been worth it.

So to give you this as quick as possible. I’m the average woman.

I went to college. Twice, actually since I now have my MBA. I worked hard, maintained solid relationships with family and friends, constantly smiling and okay.

But truth was, I wasn’t okay. I realized how hard it is to learn how to adult and maintain the many different priorities we have on our table at any given time. Most of us are just winging it, trying to survive in this crazy, crazy world.

That is why I created this space.

TGM is a space that I initially created for music artists. It was all about music because it was a passion of mine. But it was also my way of helping local artists share their work and find each other on their own journeys. Cool right?

But I realize that I have more to offer. I have more I want to offer everyone. So now TGM is a bigger space. For people who want to live better and live with purpose and intention. We only have one life, so it’s kinda the point we enjoy it the way we see fit!

Here, you’ll find resources and tools that can help you live life intentionally, focusing on a healthier mind, body and soul. This space is all about purpose and being mindful of how we treat ourselves and how we treat others.

I also offer resources and tools to help you in the real world. Learn the basics about credit and finance to help you achieve in various facets of your life, not just one.

With that being said, I’m here for you, the reader. If there is something you would like to see more of, don’t hesitate to reach out. I want to build this tribe the right way and always appreciate feedback!

So without any further warning,

Welcome to thagreymatter!