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10 Things I Stopped Buying As A New Minimalist

Becoming a minimalist as been something I have really enjoyed these last few months. I don’t consider myself a pro, or someone who doesn’t still have a lot of stuff, but I have definitely grown more mindful and aware of the things I keep in my home.

I’ve learned that I can define minimalism in a way that helps me transform the value I put on my possessions. I like to keep my home as clean, organized, and as clutter-free as possible. I feel so chaotic internally when my house is a mess. Insert minimalism.

Over the last couple of years, I realized that I don’t need to have a million things in my house to be happy. It was actually quite the opposite.

The less I had, the happier and calmer I felt. I wasn’t just sitting in a room of all of my stuff. I felt like I could actually have a clear thought for once. Sounds crazy but I swear it’s true!

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Even though the research is only beginning, there has been a claim that there is a relationship between materialism and depression. And this is DEFINITELY not to say that you will suffer or experience depression because you have material possessions.

We all have possessions that mean something of value to us and I think that’s just normal human nature.

However I do think it highlights the point that “things” cannot always make you happy! Being a minimalist helps you to redefine what matters to you and why.

With that being said, I’ve learned that while I do enjoy the things in my home, I don’t need to buy as much stuff as used to. I realize now that there were a lot of things I didn’t need or worse, winded up barely using.

This fascination with buying less and de-cluttering also increased with the start of the pandemic. I had a new apartment that was still pretty empty and I was eager to fill it.

But once I was forced to spend more time at home working remote, I realized I didn’t need all the crap I thought I did. I realized that being a minimalist not only meant I didn’t need to buy everything my mind told me I needed. It also meant I was free from my possessions and future possessions.

Less stuff means less clutter. Less clutter means I can worry less about all the crap around me, and more about the things that mattered.

So I did some serious reflecting and decided that I wanted to continue practicing being my own best minimalist. So, here are 10 things I won’t buy or have stopped buying as a new minimalist!

Beauty Products

Beauty products honestly just take up so much space man. I hate having too many things or products in my bathroom because it just creates clutter that I don’t need. And it forces me to create more storage spaces which is unnecessary.

So I stopped buying makeup and have a very small pouch with 2 or 3 makeup pieces. It’s enough to fit in a small purse and doesn’t take up barely any space in the bathroom!

Also, having a million beauty products made me feel like I needed so much to either feel or look good.

It restored my confidence in my natural beauty. I realized I don’t need or want much on my face in order to feel my best self.

New Shoes

The only shoes I buy now are solely for running and only when I absolutely need it. Most running shoes last for about 400 to 500 miles so once I get close to that mark, I re-up.

I also got rid of a bunch of shoes that I honestly didn’t need. Especially heels! I realized I wasn’t a heel person at all, and felt more comfortable rocking a pair of chucks or some type of casual shoes.

Less shoes means more space for other things! I noticed over the years that when I did have a lot of shoes, they ended up everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

Here are some places I would find shoes from my collection:

  • By the door–isn’t it funny how a bunch of shoes end up by the door, no matter how much you move them back to their “designated” space?!
  • Closet space–now I have more room for actually storing clothes and can my wardrobe clearly
  • In the car–I used to be a girl that had at least a pair or three shoes in my car, which really just was a hot mess!

Paperback Books

As a writer and reader, I do love the feel of a book in my hands but, they take up so much darn space. Too much, that it’s just not necessary anymore as a minimalist.

Both my boyfriend and I are veracious readers so we already have a mini library in our home that is now spilling over into non-library spaces. This means we have books in places books don’t belong, sighhhhhh.

So we both stopped buying physical books a long time ago and stick to digital books only. The price difference is minimal, sometimes leaning in the favor of going digital. Either way, it takes up WAY less space.

If you read a lot, or even want to, I highly suggest getting a Kindle or tablet device and buying/ downloading your books. I have the Kindle Fire and it works wonders for reading a lot of books!

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Handbags are so cute and can definitely compliment any outfit choice. I like small purses, especially for a quick run to the store. It helps me keep things organized without having to hold something in my hand.

However, I realized I don’t need a million handbags or purses as a new minimalist. Instead I have 3 bags that I alternate between depending on what I’m wearing. I have…

  • The black handbag–this is similar to every woman’s little black dress that can be dressed up or dressed down. It matches nearly everything and is in good condition.
  • The Colorful handbag–mine is red, because I noticed that color goes with a lot of the color sequences I have in my closet. I throw this one on when I’m trying to be a step up from casual, but not overly fancy. It’s my in between bag.
  • The meaningful handbag–this one is brown which also goes with a lot of my nicer clothes that I would wear for fancy events. I purchased it with my best friends in Rome, Italy so it is definitely here to stay.

Either way, 3 handbags takes up very little space in my house. It also frees up closet space, which again is nice to when viewing my wardrobe.

Designer Clothes

In my opinion, designer clothes are such a waste of money. Not just from a minimalist perspective, but also a financial one. Most of the time, I can get something equally as cute and trendy without the INSANE price tag.

I have never been a big designer fan, but I definitely have spent more than I should on certain items of clothing and definitely on sneakers. Definitely not my brightest or smartest financial decisions :/

But by not buying designer clothes anymore as a minimalist, I truly value the clothes I do have. They may not be expensive or be from a popular designer, but they matter a lot to me. That’s what minimalism is really about.

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    Don’t get me wrong, I love jewelry! But owning a bunch of jewelry is just annoying to me these days.

    It takes up so much space and is a hassle to move when the time comes. Especially inexpensive jewelry, like costume jewelry that usually doesn’t last that long anyway.

    Instead of constantly buying new jewelry, I have opted for a few staple pieces that I wear almost daily.

    Besides my stud earrings which are my go to, I have 3 bracelets that I alternate between. They were gifted to me by my boyfriend and best friend and I value them way more than anything else I’ve owned accessory wise.

    They also take up minimal space and are nice to look at when I’m having a hard day. Because they are pieces with intrinsic value to me! It’s also relaxing not seeing 397493 million pieces of jewelry that I will barely wear! tuh!


    Souvenirs are fun to buy when you’re traveling in the moment, but it’s so annoying when you have to find space for them in your luggage, and again at home.

    Instead of buying physical souvenirs, especially shot glasses which used to be my favorite, I try to buy things I know I will use long-term. As in, do I see myself using this item in 5-10 years? Probably not.

    For example, I stopped buying shot glasses in particular because I have to then find more space at home to house them. And now that I don’t drink, they don’t have really any use for me in my home.

    It’s not to say that I will never buy a souvenir, but I don’t want to add more clutter to my home. Remember your house is your space of peace and serenity. And buying less souvenirs does not lessen the experiences or memories you made while traveling.

    Skin Care Products

    Taking care of your skin is totally cool and hell I definitely recommend doing so. I know I have focused a bit more on skin care in the last two years or so, especially as I scale back my use of makeup.

    However, I have noticed a trend where people are using a MILLION skin care products. Not only is this bad for your skin (you won’t know what is OR is not working for you), it takes up so much space. Usually all of which is in your bathroom.

    Again, more clutter!

    So I’ve found the least amount of products that work for my skin and stick with them only. I currently use two products, CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser & Organic Shea butter, which keeps my skin pretty clear and glowing.

    Best thing about this is my bathroom is clutter-free!

    Plastic Bottles/ Containers

    Plastic bottles and plastic containers are such a drain on your space and on the environment. Plus I hate how plastic retains smell after a few uses, which is so gross and just plain ol’ annoying.

    Instead, I only purchase glass containers for food and usually carry my hydro flask water bottle with me everywhere. This not only helps this beautiful planet, it also doesn’t add additonal clutter to my space.

    (Have you ever found a bunch of empty water bottles in your car, house, etc? Annoying!)

    Canned & Prepackaged Foods

    I used to buy canned tuna (don’t kill me now) and several other packaged or frozen foods. It was honestly out of convenience more than anything.

    This included chips, cookies, frozen meals or frozen vegetables. Not only did it add clutter in the fridge, these items were usually on the unhealthy side. Now, my partner and I aim to buy as many things fresh as possible.

    Most of our fridge now contains fresh fruit and vegetables. We do have some meat in the freezer, but as a plant-based household, it’s pretty empty. Also, our cabinets are nearly free from canned goods.

    It has been both a healthier choice for sure, but also a way to minimize the kitchen clutter we have. It also has reduced our need to find more space to house everything!

    So Hello New Minimalist! Yes, I’m talking to YOU!

    Haha, so here are the things I stopped buying or will stop buying as a new minimalist! For me, it helped to refocus a lot on what matters. It has helped me de-clutter my space in a way that feels more freeing and relaxing.

    I also don’t miss the things I don’t buy anymore, like at all.

    I don’t sit around thinking about that shot glass I didn’t get on a particular trip, or that bag of chips I chose not to buy. After some time and readjusting my mindset, it’s gotten way easier.

    Once you get the hang of being a minimalist, it gets a lot easier to keep your home clutter free and to stay on track with this whole minimalism thing!

    What is something you can get rid of your house to start practicing minimalism?


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