10 Best Tattoo Locations For The Working Woman

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So you want a tattoo. How exciting! I think tattoos are so freaking cool and love it as form of personal artwork. But before you can get new ink, there are a few things to consider.

Not only do you have to find what kind of tattoo you want design wise, you have to also figure out where you should get the tattoo on your body. That can be difficult for sure, but after having a lot of experience getting new ink, I can hopefully make it an easier decision for you.

To give you some back story, I was 18 when I got my first tattoo and it was not my last. Now i have have 10 tattoos and I definitely have more in mind for the future.

I went to place called Revolver Tattoo in New Brunswick, NJ and the funniest part is, my mom picked the spot! She wasn’t a fan of tattoos, but she wanted to make sure I went somewhere clean and supported me through the experience. (she was sooo cool for that!)

The one thing that too me a LONG time to decide was the best place to get a tattoo as a future working woman. I was just starting college and I wasn’t quite ready to hit the corporate world, but I knew I didn’t want my tattoo to impact opportunities down the line (at least corporate opportunities).

So ultimately I decided on my upper back (shoulder blade area) and while it did hurt a bit, especially as my first tattoo, it was easily hidden when i had my shirt on…perfect for when I had to go to work.

Maintaining professionalism while having tattoos can be difficult but it is not impossible. You still should feel proud to have artwork that is meaningful in some way to you.

So after getting tattoos off and on for the last decade, I have compiled what I think is the 10 best places you can get a tattoo that you can easily maintain while being a fierce working woman.

But keep in mind that some places will hurt more than others, but if you’re a trooper, it may be worth it the pain!

1. Forearm Tattoo

Photo by @saili_ink

The forearm is a great place to get a tattoo because it can be hidden by a long sleeve shirt. The only downside it can be limiting if you like short sleeve tops or live in a hotter climate. If so, try getting it further up your forearm that way it’s pretty easily hidden no matter what!

2. Arm Tattoo

Photo by @ink.dust

This is a favorite of mine as it is SUPER easy to hide depending on how far up the arm you go. Also, if you get a tattoo on the meaty external part of your arm, it isn’t nearly as painful as many other places on your body. Win-win!

3. Thigh Tattoo

Photo by @footefoote_tattoo

Thigh tattoos are so cute when you’re wearing some shorts or a skirt but they are also pretty hidden when going to the office. I have a thigh tattoo that it isn’t as high up as this tattoo, and I still never had an issue hiding it to remain professional. And did i mention how cute it looks in shorts?!f

4. Spine Tattoo

Photo by @karolinaszymanska_tattoo

Now this one may hurt a bit but it is a great hiding place! I have two tattoos on my back but they don’t touch my spine so i cant attest to the pain level but it is a cute placement and there is a lot of surface area you can cover in one area!

5. Finger Tattoo

Photo by @inkprick

Finger tattoos may seem to be hard to hide per say, but depending on style and design, they can be seemingly unnoticeable. Most people aren’t staring at your fingers so this can work (again depending on design) to hide it in your work environment. You can always opt for inside the fingers for extra privacy!

6. Wrist Tattoo

Photo by @siyeon_tattoo

Wrist tattoos are a great way to hide small tattoos that you can still see yourself. Tattoos on your back or spine can be harder to see on a day to day basis so this may be good if you’re looking to get artwork you can actually see. Also, pain level is pretty minimal for simple designs which makes this a great spot to get a tattoo.

7. Foot/ Ankle Tattoo

Photo by @kristinevodon

Foot or ankle tattoos can be great places to get a tattoo which can be hidden if necessary. I have not gotten a foot tattoo but because of the delicate skin, i think it is safe to assume that there is some extra pain so just be mindful!

8. Shoulder Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos is a great place to get some artwork as they are something you can pretty easily see yourself and can be hidden with a regular ol’ shirt any day. Also, there is a lot of room here to expand on existing artwork without worrying about what anyone may see at work!

9. Shin or Calf Tattoo

Photo by @maneentattoo

I don’t have one but i think calf tattoos are so sick! There is so much area that you can play with and unless you are adamant about showing legs at work, it can be hidden well.

10. Ribs or Under Boob Tattoo

Photo by @catekittlitz

The ribs or under boob area is a great place to get a tattoo because it can always be hidden in a professional environment. I will say that the ribs do hurt so keep in mind if you have a lower threshold for pain, you may want to go for something simple and less detailed!

Those are the 10 places that I would recommend getting a tattoo that you can have as a working woman. Let’s face it, hiding tattoos isn’t ideal but sometimes we may have to bite the bullet to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of our professional development.

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