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7 Steps To Developing A Great Morning Routine

Having a good morning routine is the key to operating at your best self throughout the rest of the day. A good morning routine should help you feel ready to conquer the day while still being productive.

Some people just roll out of bed and rush to get the day started. But I think its’ better to take your time and basically do your morning with a bit more purpose. So let’s discuss the steps you can take to develop a great routine.

If I had to pick I would consider myself more of a morning person honestly. I wake up pretty easily, but i used to wake up with more frantic as I tried to start my day.

By developing a good morning routine that aims to take care of my mental, physical and emotional state, I have become way more productive throughout the day. Also, as someone battling anxiety, this was a great step at establishing better habits that helped me take care of self.

So if you’re looking to improve your morning routine, here are 7 tips to to get you going!

Set An Alarm The Night Before

Think of this like a pre-step for your morning routine the following day. Having an alarm in place will make it easier for you to wake up and start the day. It also removes the thought that you can sleep until whenever and gives you structure to get the day going.

The timing of your alarm is totally up to you but I would say to give yourself 1-2 hours before you have to do anything. Like dropping the kids at school, going to work, etc. Give yourself time for you in the mornings!

The point is to give yourself time to actually wake up and do a few things that will help you have a good day. It will also provide a calmer beginning to your day allowing for you to focus deeply on the things that matter.

Ditch The Snooze Button

This may be a hard one but it is a necessary step! A good morning routine is supposed to help organize the start to day and help you become more productive. You can’t do that if you snooze your alarm and continue sleeping.

If you struggle waking up in the morning, try thinking of why you are waking up. Remind yourself that it is for a purpose and that it will lead to better daily habits!

Another thing to consider is that the few minutes of sleep you may get snoozing, isn’t deep sleep that’s helping you get more rest. Dozing off after your alarm goes off will just make it harder for you to get out of the bed….DON’T DO IT!

Once you turn off your alarm…

Leave Your Phone Alone

This is one that I still struggle with to be honest. I am definitely quick to pick up my phone as soon as I open my eyes and usually read emails, hop on social media, look at unread texts…the list goes on.

It’s not the worst thing, but I in trying to be more mindful, i realize I don’t need to do this. It just is a lot of mental stimulation and it’s mostly focused on other people, not me. By disconnecting from the phone, you really stay in the moment and prepare for your productive morning/ day.

Think of the phone in the morning as a distraction to doing the things that you need to operate at your best self.

Try A Form of Meditation

A lot of people only think of one way to meditate but I think there are MANY ways you can meditate that makes sense to you. Meditation has great benefits and should not be ignored!

According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation can reduce stress, increase self-awareness and help people focus on the present moment. Doesn’t sound too bad, huh?

The point is to find something for yourself that is soothing and that forces you to become more mindful in each moment. My meditation lately has been listening to my favorite gospel songs. It puts me in such a positive mindset and i love to start the day that way.

Here are a list of ways that you can meditate in the morning.

  • Yoga
  • Sitting In Silence
  • Listening to Music
  • Listen to A Meditation
  • Pray
  • Journaling

It’s nice to start the day spending time focused simply on what calms you or brings you peace and it will lead you to have a more productive day.

Get Some Exercise In

This one can be a tough one for some because it’s hard enough to get up let alone get some exercising in. But exercising in the morning is a great way to reduce stress and even anxiety by getting your body moving.

Try spending 30 minutes getting a workout in (if timing allows) if you can in the morning. Not only will you have a kick start to the day, you will save yourself from having to work out at the end of your day.

I love running in the morning and getting it out of the way before I get lazy or it gets too hot outside (yesterday it was 90 degrees before 10am so no go).

You can go outdoors or do an in-home workout but get your body moving and work on your physical state.

Make Breakfast/ Post-Workout Snack

Now that you have been up a little while, it’s time to give your body some fuel. Everyone is not super hungry in the mornings which i totally get but there are a few healthy meals you can have in the AM.

I usually grab a protein shake after my since it’s easy to make and doesn’t make me feel too full. I got my protein shaker and protein powder from Amazon and all I need to add is Soy or Almond Milk. Quick and easy is my favorite!

If you need a bit more than that or if protein shakes are not for you, try some of these breakfast ideas:

  • 2 boiled eggs, sweet potato and a piece of fruit
  • Potato, egg, peppers, onions hash
  • Oatmeal with diced fruit
  • Cereal (Raisin Bran is my favorite, just add more raisins!)

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Practice Saying Self-Affirmations

The final tip is to practicing saying a few self-affirmations to yourself before you get lost in the day. Self-affirmations is a great tool to use to remind yourself of all the great things that make you you.

It also helps you start the morning with a positive outlook that reflects a great morning routine!

A few self-affirmations that I have come across recently in the Sanity & Self app:

  • I’m at peace with myself and with others.
  • I am enough.
  • I’m smart and capable.
  • I will start the day with ease.
  • I will start the day with peace and relaxation.

You can find your own self-affirmations online or you can create them as you go. Maybe start with how you want the day to go and relate it back to how you can contribute to that.

Maybe you have an important presentation at work so you remind yourself, “I am good at presenting ideas and will keep my composure”. Not the best one but you get the point!.

Spend a few moments talking to yourself kindly and watch how it transforms your mood and attitude throughout the day.

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