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8 Staycation Ideas To Stay Local and Save Money

So if you’re here, you know that Covid-19 has completely changed what we consider normal. Unfortunately since states continually struggle to reopen, I think it’s the perfect time to get creative on things we can do. I am also on the “save money” bandwagon so I wanted to find ways to have fun for free or for really cheap.

So instead of focusing on all the negative things happening around us, I put together a list of things you can do at home or nearby. Most of the ideas are free but there are a few that may cost you a few bucks (it helps if you already have certain things to use at home).

So here are 10 staycation ideas that will keep you entertained during Covid, while also having some summer fun!

Build A Fort

My boyfriend suggested this one day and I thought it was so random, but such a great idea! What I like to do is throw some sheets over maybe the night stand (depending how high or low your bed is) and try to find something it can stay on. Sometimes I’ll tack the corners to a certain wall and use nearby objects to help. Definitely get creative!

I love forts, it reminds me of my childhood when I used to build forts over my bunk beds. I was an only child but I loved creating a space within what was already my space. Once you have the fort up, spend some time relaxing in it or maybe poke in and out throughout the weekend. It doesn’t matter where it is, as long as it works for you!

Play A New Game

So in my house, we love Jenga and we Speed (the card game if you’re unfamiliar). I didn’t really play games often before the whole pandemic, but now I realize how simple and fun it can be. My boyfriend and I even got really competitive and started keeping track of who won and who lost (mostly him) sometimes made bets that made it even more enticing. 

If you have a lot of games at home, then you can easily pick one out and get playing! 

Go Camping

Most states and countries still have social distancing rules in place so this one is great idea to combat the current environment actually. You can find campgrounds in your local neighborhood if you’re lucky. Or you may have to venture out a bit further to find something that actually works for you.

The most important part is that it offers an opportunity to spend the weekend with nature in the great outdoors. The best part is that even though you may not fully get to travel or leave your hometown, you do get to leave the house for an extended amount of time; and that is something.

Find a Drive In Theater

I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon this idea, but I am so glad I did. We went to South Bay Drive In Theater in our lovely city of San Diego and it was such a great experience. The only human contact we had was purchasing tickets, which we did with our masks on. We winded up seeing the movie Psalm Springs, which is actually on Hulu for free but… I didn’t care; I just wanted a date night!

And the experience was well worth it to be honest. Two tickets at $10 each is not bad at all.  Plus best part was that we were able to bring our own snacks and drinks since there was no need to leave the car. Honestly, I think we will continue this over the regular movie theaters because we got to talk and laugh our way through the movie without interfering with anyone else. 

If you don’t have a drive-in theater in your specific area, try to find a movie that you both haven’t seen and add some snacks and drinks to make it even more festive. It’ll be fun to organize a movie night where you can control all the breaks, food and so much more. 

Throw A Cookout/ Picnic

Whether you call it a cookout or picnic, they are pretty much the same in the sense that it involves you having a meal or eating outdoors. To me, a cookout or picnic have always been fun and super peaceful, well minus the bugs you encounter…

But it is so worth it. My favorite part is the different types of food you can make that you may not normally make at home. The last time we grilled, we tried a new marinade for the wings, and it was sooo yummy.  

If you have a portable grill or know a park with grills for public use, pack up the cooler and prepare some food to throw on the grill. Not only does it get you out of the house for a few hours, it’s a great way to spend time with alone or with friends and family. We purchased the grill below from Amazon for the 4th of July and it has been a life saver ever since!

Get Arts & Craftsy

I didn’t realize how relaxing making crafts could be until my boyfriend started watching a YouTube channel dedicated to building tables and other decorative pieces. While they were way more experienced in the making stuff department, I started thinking of ways that I could be more creative at home with art. 

I ordered a 60-piece paint set below that was a steal! I am a beginner for sure so if you are too, it will be a great way to get started. I’m really excited to get painting and hopefully discover a new hobby that can be therapeutic and creative.

And honestly, how cool would that be to create something you can have in your house forever?!

It doesn’t have to be painting but maybe find a way that you can make something and really get your creative juices flowing. 

Go Kayaking

This is a great activity especially for 2 or more people to do at the lake or ocean, whatever you prefer or have in your area. Being by water is more peaceful than a lot of people realize, and this activity means you get to move your body! 

And after a few hours of rowing, you will definitely feel it burn, trust me. But if you don’t live near a body of water, don’t sweat it, just try something that requires some physical activity that you don’t normally do. Maybe find a trail to go biking or go on a new hike you haven’t tackled. Either way, get moving! 

Workout In A Park

My cousin hosts a yoga group session every weekend in the park and it recently inspired me to try working out outdoors more. I mean, I do run outdoors but my strength workouts that include lunges or squats are usually done at home. I honestly never considered doing it outside. 

Not only will you still accomplish the workout, you will get to feel the sun on your face and get a breath of fresh air (something I think we all need from time to time). 

Regardless if you tackle all of these ideas or just a few, it’s a great feeling to try new things and find out other activities you like that you haven’t really considered. These 8 ideas are perfect for anyone looking for things to do at home or in their local neighborhood without breaking the bank. 

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