#ViewsFromThaGrey; Thank You

in Fitness, August 10th, 2016

To those who came to #ViewsFromThaGrey,

I tried my best. I had a vision in my head for what the next event would be, how it would feel to those performing or those attending and I tried to execute it perfectly. It was a dream, that remained in the forefront of my mind that I chased and tweaked so it could fit the mold and purpose of TGM.

My last two events which took place in Hoboken and New York were dominantly music showcases, a platform for local artists to perform in front of others for pure enjoyment. I wanted the artists’ hunger to take front stage, providing them the perfect outlet to express who they really are. #ViewsFromThaGrey was unique, as artists hit the stage, and artwork hung against the walls, I incorporated local vendors and/ or businesses who are doing something positive with their brand. You see, there are negative connotations about young African Americans, but through these events we are able to start to chip away at them. Ultimately I wanted to shed some light, well major light on young, black-owned businesses who are striving to do something for this community, for the underground.

And you all contributed to making the day beautiful.

So, I wanted to say thank you for coming out to thagreymatter‘s 3rd event at Loft 9 in New Brunswick this past weekend. It was very hot (trust me, I know) but also exhilarating to witness and be a part of. We rejoiced to words of wisdom from poets, we sang alongside a soulful R&B singer and we rapped the bars of some dope lyricists and rappers all for the love of art. We connected, we worked together, we built and are still building.

And I emphasize we because I am not alone; I couldn’t do anything without you all, so Ithank you!