SiR.MOORE Celebrates Mothers In Latest Song, “4momma”

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Every year we celebrate our mothers the first week in May in an attempt to honor their work and dedication as they raise us and prepare us for the life ahead of us. New Jeru Native SiR.M00RE decides to show his appreciation for the mothers in his life through his latest song, “4momma”. He begins the song by recognizing different types of mothers and how they are the leading ladies in our lives. Even in one listen, you can feel the warmth and absolute love he has for not only the mothers in his life but for anyone has stepped up to the plate to be a mom. Featuring Jay Marv on the chorus, you have an opportunity to hear the melody from Tupac’s “Dear Mama”, which was incorporated flawlessly to be honest. Even though Mother’s Day has officially ended, you can and should play this song for your mom or the woman in your life who has contributed to your growth; it will be beautiful.

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