Always reppin’ Franklin, NJ, Bennie Bates is making waves with his vibrant energy and his continuous lyricism. Even though he’s from New Jersey, his voice is permeating through other states, reaching the masses. After working with artists and producers in Atlanta such as Mase, he has come full circle as an artist allowing him to soar professionally.

The young rapper continues to put out quality music in the shape of freestyles and his own original music. “Hands Like” is the most current single from the artist, that has left a buzz on the ears of the entire state. With a trap-like sound and an auto-tuned voice, Bennie’s strive for creativity is intensified throughout the song. The track not only demonstrates a different sound from the artist but his catchy flow is light and easy to admire.

Still floating on the clouds of success from his last single, IG fans have decided to show their appreciation for his music through social media. You can catch a few individuals jamming to his song below:

@benniebates #handslike #Franklin #NJ

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#HANDSLIKE link in his bio make sure yall go listen @benniebates

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A part of creating this lasting buzz is his continuous appearances in various venues throughout New Jersey. He performs at local nightclubs and lounges in the Tri-State area and also makes appearances on local radio shows including NonFiction Radio. Extremely hungry, this artist continues to put in the necessary work to produce great music and enjoy the journey on the way up.

But his hustle does not stop there. Last weekend, he headlined the stage at Rutgers University’s Caribbean Fest. This yearly event on the Busch Campus attracts a diverse crowd and they all enjoyed his performance. The event highlighting various Caribbean cultures was a great place to perform with his high energy and his team behind him. With spectators singing along, his performance was definitely a highlight of the entire event. Bennie showcases his aura on and off the stage by always reppin’ his Franklin roots while still soaking in the crowd’s vitality. Check out the footage below and be sure to follow Bennie as he continues to fly!