In the beginning of the year SōULFULL dropped his first ever mixtape. Not too long after that, he was whipping up videos for some of his most popular songs from the project such as “BoreDUMB” and “SHINEsong“, ultimately giving his fans visuals they were yearning for. Now he’s headlining shows and events throughout New Jersey, expanding his sound while always staying true to who he is as an artist behind the mic. His latest performance at #thagreymatterrelaunch event this past Sunday was one, if not the best performance he’s had to date.

It was more than the way he hyped the crowd with his energy, but in the way he interacted with those in the audience. As he brought two artists on stage, you could see the eyes of the crowd grow bigger with excitment to hear what he was going to perform next. He premiered “NO MORE” featuring Shawn Crysis and Ty Jack. The song starts with SōULFULL’s verse before it smoothly transitions into the vocals of R&B singer TyJack before Shawn hops on the track next. Each artist flows smoothly over the hypnotic beat providing you with a cohesive song. A lot of upcoming artists fall short of greatness when using multiple artists on one track, as one can easily distract from another, but these three artists sound experienced in working together, and it is evident in the sound of the song.

Check it out below!