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April 18th, 2016

Joe. O Drops R&B-Like Video For “Cuffing Season”, Ft. Trippy Troy

We all know a little something about Cuffing Season and what it means in the dating scene. You know, the time of the year where we want to be boo’d up, feeling that unconditional love and connection with our partners. Joe O. used this concept for one of his latest songs, which I thoroughly enjoyed. He recently dropped a visual to tag alongside it with featured artist Trippy Troy. Directed by Wheres Diggity aka Ron Downes Jr., the video displayed a cute image of Joe speaking to a a beautiful woman throughout the video with Troy delivering a R&B feel in the background. You get to see a few shots of New Brunswick and the NY skyline that give it it a couple different angles. It wasn’t over complicated, allowing for the song to just shine through. Check it out.

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April 8th, 2016

Uncle TreY Uses SXSW As Backdrop To “Acknowledgement” Video

If you are a true a music head, you have either been to or at least heard of the SXSW festival in Texas that happens annually. It is truly an experience for any person who is creative really as they have Music, Film and Interactive sessions for the festival to keep attendees engaged. Local rapper Uncle TreY not only had an opportunity to visit, but chose his experience as an opportunity to shoot the backdrop to his latest video for “Acknowledgement”. Coming off a high from his last project nostalgianticpation, you can feel his enticing energy throughout the video. As you watch, you get a few glimpses of him rapping outside in the streets but also on stage during a performance. It is dynamic and fits as an official music video should, check it out!

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April 4th, 2016

King Braize Releases Visual For “Mirah’s Wish”, Directed By Rambro

It’s been just a few short weeks since his last visual, but that hasn’t stopped or deterred King Braize from being consistent with the release of music for his fans. Directed by Rambro is his latest video for “Mirah’s Wish. The video has some cool effects that i enjoyed, including mostly black and white picture with snippets of color that jump out of the screen to give it some life. While he raps over Drake’s Pound Cake in the front yard talking about Newark, i still feel classic Wu-Tang in the background. I appreciate its simplicity more than anything else; he added to the quality of the video by not adding too much flare or distraction. Give it a play below.

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March 9th, 2016

Bennie Bates Officially Drops Video for “Hands Like”

Upcoming rapper Bennie Bates name has been buzzing in the streets for quite some time now, which makes his latest visual one of the most anticipated yet. The video for “Hands Like” is officially out and is definitely as LIT as the song itself. Produced by SweetsGotBeatz, it is the perfect song before you head out for a night of turning up. Maybe eluding to having Jersey behind him, you catch a few glimpses of other artists like Joe O. and even DJ DARK KENT throughout the video. He doesn’t just stick to the fellas either as it also includes a few lucky ladies drinking Henny and enjoying the night with Bennie. Check it out below!

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February 23rd, 2016

Peep The Unconventional In Alvie The Skywalker’s Video For “Delilah’

Eerily reminiscent of the movie The Purge is the beginning scenes of Alvie The Skywalker’s new video, “Delilah”. The visual rapidly grabs your attention in the first few seconds. The building of the beat makes you wonder where it is about to take you before you can fully grasp the artists and their dramatically painted faces. Artists Darryl J and Kärma gave this song a great touch for when it kicks up towards the middle. Their soft voices are not only a great addition to the song, but to the video as well. You get to see something quite different in this video in comparison to videos on the rise in New Jersey. Check it out.

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January 19th, 2016

Shakespear Releases Visual For “For You”, Directed By Dolo Filmz

After dropping Beatrice Collins, it appears that Shakespear has received an amazing response for his new music and ever-evolving sound. He allowed the tape to linger on our ears for the last few months before he delivers a visual for “For You”. You should remember this track from his project; the song that uses an Erykah Badu sample to give it an old-school feel. In the visual you get to see Shakespear looking in on a relationship that seems to have its usual ups and downs. Instead of playing one of the romantic partners in the video, he opts to observe and eventually put in his own two cents towards the end on their situation and what they may be going through. Directed by Dolo Filmz, the video was shot in a way that allowed his music to still shine through. Check it out.

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December 30th, 2015

SōULFULL Drops Visual For HOMEMADE’s “LoveHate”

Every move he makes is strategic; maybe it is in the way he formulates his skits on his tracks, or even the rhyme schemes he uses like he did on his last project, More Than A Game. But the point is he is mastering his ability to to use his talent not only to express himself but to resonate with his audience during the most important moments of the year. So it would be no surprise SōULFULL dropped a new visual for his song, “LoveHate” on Christmas Day. Featuring Ty Jack on the track, the video did a great job of delivering a concept revolving around love and relationships. You get to see the couple fight and attempt to work out their problems with Ty Jack stepping in as a counselor. Shot and directed by Ron Downes Jr., the video was beautiful, organized and clean. As you watch, it is easy to be warped into the sunrise throughout the video and the lyrics standing strong behind them. Fellow New Jeru native Chesne makes an appearance as one of the actors in the video as well, giving it a well-rounded feeling. Check it out!

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December 9th, 2015

SiR.M00RE Drops A GEM For “someDaze” ft. Ikenna (Video)

SiR.M00RE is back with a new visual for one of his older songs, “someDaze” from his previous body of work. The visual featuring L.O.E.’s Ikenna is a simple yet dope video for the track. The beginning is fun and entertaining, it draws you in with a brief radio scene before you get a glimpse of the New Jeru artist himself. He made the visual inclusive as you also get to see other New Jeru members, Chesne and Khamaal in the beginning of the video. The quality of the video is A1, providing the audience with an authentic feel of his positive vibes throughout. Directed by The Prime Prodigy, the scenes come together well enough to provide the extra push this needed to become more than a great video. Check it out!

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December 7th, 2015

Lets Roll Aritsts Lani & Brillz Drop Video for “Caught In The Moment”

Lets Roll Records, which includes a variety of artists out of New Jersey, is continuously showcasing their divergent abilities through music. It is now time for some newer artists to step into the spotlight to show their vocal ability and talent. Singers Lani and Brillz drop a video for their first single, “Caught In The Moment”. Just like previous videos from this team, it was directed by Dolo Filmz. You get a few glimpses into both artists dealing with their perspective women and coming together to sing outside on the courts and in a sun-drenched apartment overlooking beautiful skyscrapers. Not only is it easy to appreciate the quality of the video but the song is pretty catchy and dope itself. Check it out below:

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October 16th, 2015

Aprilfoolchild Releases Soothing Video for “Mangos”

Videos, while oversaturing social media, are still the perfect pieces to the puzzle of music that allow an artist’s vision and sound to come alive. The lyrics aren’t lyrics anymore but they are actions flashing across your screen, pulling you in word by word. Aprilfoolchild delivers her own perfect piece with her a new video for her latest single, “Mangos”. The song can stand on it’s own as it is powerful and hauls you into a deep trance listening to her voice. Swinging on a hammock with a beautiful man and eating from a Mango under the sun is a great touch as to not take away from the song itself. It is simplistic but still allows you to stay in touch with her vocals throughout the entire video. Check it out!