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May 22nd, 2017

NJ Artists Tax G & Albee Al Release Story-Like Video For “How I’m Comin”

Director Nimi Hendrix nailed the essence of a storytelling with his latest music video for two prominent New Jersey artists. Tax G and Albee Al teamed up nicely for their latest song together, “How I’m Comin”, and now continue to create a buzz surrounding the song with a new music video. Both NJ artists made sure to keep NJ at the forefront as you get glimpses of DJ Wallah, Cruch Calhoun and Chad B. The video is a story of being locked up and held down for some time but still having the ability to evolve even after imprisonment. The song captures both sounds of the artists very well, now giving you a blend in front of the camera you don’t want to miss. Take a look and comment!

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May 22nd, 2017

Unchained Drops Powerful Video For “Hurricanes”

After only being seconds into this video, I could tell that it has the potential to be utterly powerful. Unchained executes an eye opening visual for his latest song “Hurricanes”, that will keep your mind going and replaying the images displayed long after the video has ended. During the music video you get to see the artist struggle choosing between various doors of struggle and pain and he attempts to find his way. It is very symbolic and sets the tone for the rest of the video and the lyrics of the song. I appreciated how he kept featured artist E in a separate space, allowing his vocals to break up the song and ultimately the video. Check it out and comment below.

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May 3rd, 2017

Karma Drops Fun & Sexy Visual for “Make Me Say

I won’t say too much since you’ve most likely have been jammin to Karma’s new single, “Make Me Say” already, but then again, this artist has given us more than song to take a look at. The sultry R&B singer released the official video for her new song and it’s something you will definitely enjoy. The video shows her getting ready with some friends before she meets up with love interest or rapper played by SōULFULL, for a romantic dinner. Directed by Money Long Media, the video shows her in a fun and sexy light and gives you something to watch as you jam to her voice. Check it out and comment below!

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May 3rd, 2017

Allen York Returns With Video For “Ghetto Gospel”

This single isn’t quite a new release but it doesn’t meet the standards of a traditional throwback. It’s the song that you’ve had on repeat and the music video just reminds you it was for very good reason. NY artist Allen York released a visual for his latest single, “Ghetto Gospel” early last month and the song itself is something you’ll want to keep in rotation. The simplicity in the production and witty lyricism forces you to enjoy the song while the video provides you with a glimpse into the New York lifestyle. Take a look below and stay tuned for his upcoming album Project Telescope.

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April 21st, 2017

Joella DeVille Releases Classic R&B Video For “Goodbye”

Simplicity is all that Joella DeVille needs when it comes to delivering great music and more importantly great visuals. Her latest music video for “Goodbye” proves that as you see a few glimpses of her alluring appearance in different locations, while adding a soft touch to her vocals on the song. This NJ native has spent many years mastering and curating a unique sound that sets her apart from other R&B singers. You’ll catch her singing in an elevator or directly into the camera, but it’s more like she is singing directly to you. This video differs from her last video for “Bigger and Better”, as it focuses more on her as an individual. It allows for you to hone in on the song itself and keep on track with the sound of her voice. Check it out below!

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April 11th, 2017

R&B Singer Georges Releases Provocative Video For “All Night Long”

Some people feel that music is declining, with an emphasis on music videos and their increasing similarities. Music videos are supposed to play as the bridge between the song and the audience as it highlights the overall meaning and provides a visual for fans to hold on to. Georges provides an intriguing visual for his latest single, “All Night Long”. The song is very sensual, as the NJ based singer uses his lyrics to talk about the things he would do to a woman of interest. He uses the video to show just enough sexual attraction between him and the leading lady and model, Ciania Lexis, without allowing it to overpower the entire video. Directed by Will Drey, you will catch Georges performing some dance moves to his own sounds, with a team of dancers behind him as the video comes to a close. Check it out below and stay tuned for more music from him!

Will Drey

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October 5th, 2016

Bennie Bates Releases Highly Anticipated Video For “So Lit”

Deemed a #CertifiedMajor by DJ Darkkent, #FTOWN’s own Bennie Bates continues to rise to the occasion after releasing the video to his single, “So Lit”. After dropping his latest project 21 this past summer, he delivers a visual that not only will entertain you but will have you craving more. Directed by Nimi Hendrix, you get to see a glimpse into the rapper’s lifestyle and enjoy it with him. The video begins with a shot of Bennie in bed with a beautiful woman but not before you get to see another in the bath jamming alongside him. The Momentum builds from scene to scene, pulling you deep into the overall feel of the video. Featured brands such as Paid Life and 2Strong Shop make an appearance before we also get to see FATBOY SSE make an appearance at the end; highlighting the support and relationships he has built on his rise as a Jersey artist. If you’re looking for a high energy video and song, this is for you, check it out below!

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August 24th, 2016

Saz.È Drops Trippy Visual For “Brand New Woman”

After releasing his album Sundown Therapy, Saz.È continues to deliver amazing art with his new video for “Brand New Woman”. Directed by Ron Downes Jr., the video shows the artist with a beautiful young woman surrounding him as he raps to the camera. Very sensual, the visual provides a trippy feel to match the song with kaleidoscope imagery. A little different from his video for “Leather Jacket Music”, he continues to display his innate ability to create dope visuals and music. Check it out below and make sure to follow his music!

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August 11th, 2016

#i95andWiFi: Kärma & SōULFULL Release Video For “En Route”

With summer coming to a close–popular cookouts fizzling out, pools closing up, people going back to school; artists use their music to keep the party going. NJ based artists Kärma and SōULFULL keep their fans intrigued with their new joint album, i95 and WiFi. After its release on August 1st, their audience anticipated their first visual together. And after a captivating performance at TGM’s event in New York this past February, it’s no surprise they put their chemistry in front of the camera for their song, “En Route”. The video was shot and directed by Ron Downes Jr., highlighting the duo in an abandoned like house and open field doing what they do best. With trains passing in the background, its rustic scenery delivers a great vibe alongside the song. Check it out below!

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May 17th, 2016

Rap Duo PeteyxKraze Drop Dance Filled Video For “Gang”

Changing it up a bit is New Jersey rap duo PeteyxKraze (Petey & Kraze) after releasing the official music video for their song, “Gang”. The video starts off with both artists in an abandoned building; a still-like image almost emerges before the video begins to pick up. Even if the video does not immediately grab your attention, the dope dance moves will. Not only do you see the two artists hitting the dab with their friends and enjoying themselves, but you get a few quick peaks of females hitting dope moves of of their own. Will Photo, who directed and edited the music video, uses his skills to not only produce a dope video but matches the original quality of the song. Check it out below and comment!