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January 30th, 2017

Kick Off Monday Right With “Flaws” By Mona Brea

Monday’s tend to be rough as it kicks off a new week and in the adult world, can be a daunting thing to overcome. So I wanted to put everyone on to a new song that has been a smooth vibe to listen to on this day specifically. Mona Brea’s single “Flaws” is the perfect blend of eclectic fun and soul over an upbeat sound that you can relate to without delivering an overly serious message. The singer doesn’t just expresses her flaws in the song, but she explains how she chooses to embrace them. Each chorus is powerful and leads directly into the last hook that you won’t forget. Check it out below!

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June 2nd, 2016

THROWBACK: ayodale Serenades You On “ISN’T SHE LOVELY”

It’s been a while but it’s Thursday and we are back with a dope throwback to easily get you through your day. She is more than a photographer, she surpasses what it means to be creative as she serenades you on her first released track, “ISN’T SHE LOVELY”. ayodale demonstrates a keen ability to have fun when she creates as she uses her soft vocals to bring Stevie Wonder’s original song to the forefront. She uses her own lyrics as she only does a two minute introductory into her side of being an artist. It was smooth and definitely something on repeat. Listen to it below!

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September 4th, 2015

A.P-Da-Don Powerful Visual For “Let The Hood Die”

Here is A.P-Da-Don last visual for the song, “Let The Hood Die”. The rapper, straight out of Paterson, NJ, shows his conscious vision for the violence that surrounded him on a daily basis. The song is undeniably powerful, as it focuses primarily on Paterson, but is also symbolic of other hoods in America.

The video, while a little choppy, is overall a cool visual. Directed by King Ja and SOS_JP, there are multiple shots of news outlets reporting incidents of murders or some type of violence that pushes it over the edge. For a moment you forget that you are watching a music video and instead it feels like you are in the comfort of your living room watching the news. Completely raw, it reminds you of the realities of the hood and how some never make it out.

Check it out!

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August 30th, 2015

THROWBACK: Wolfe Drops 4-Track EP, “Brahma Kamalam”

Upcoming rapper Wolfe recently dropped new music entitled Brahma Kamalam. The EP, only containing 4 songs was the perfect taste of new sound that his followers and fans have craved for. Overall the EP is mostly mellow starting with “Black” but before the first song is over, you can tell that he is only building momentum for the rest of this body of work. Speaking about something the lack of justice for African Americans, you can feel his passion for worldly things in his voice.

He continues with song “What Chu Want” which is as cool as the next song. His pace has intensified pulling you into the music run he seems to be going on. My favorite is “Brahma Kamalam” with another artist Dizzy. This track is trippy, but does not shy away from his overall sound. Dizzy’s flow and vocals compliment his tracks without distracting the listener.

“Outro” is probably the realest track I’ve heard in a while. Not only do you get a few dope tracks but he finishes solid with a track that sparks an internal conversation and reminds us of the things around us. He uses this track to talk about the issues that we see, but all the issues we don’t speak enough about. It’s the longest track but with voices speaking on social issues throughout, it is worth every second.

Wolfe fulfills the purpose of an EP, a way to provide music but leave your listener with a taste for more. As he continues to evolve, I am eager to see where he takes his creativity next.

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August 20th, 2015

THROWBACK: Jeff Wesson Drops “Bobby Munson”

It’s Thursday so I decided to yet again rewind time musically and share a song that is if anything, lowkey dope. With the television show Sons of Anarchy being one of the most popular shows from the FX network, it isn’t too surprising that an artist is using it as an inspiration for their music. Brooklyn rapper, Jeff Wesson, highlighted one of the characters from the show with his single, “Bobby Munson”. Referring to him as an OG throughout the song was a a great acknowledgement of the his aura in the show itself. The song is upbeat and very gritty. He uses a lot of word play alongside his elevated vocals to push the song creatively. He drops a few bars but doesn’t over do it, maintaining the same energy throughout the track. It’s just a dope track and a great one for this Thursday.

“stunting on the hoes, used to never say jack.
niggas bars flat so it’s time to bring the jack.
always keep a spare rhyme,
so faded like you grandfather’s hairline”