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April 4th, 2017

Karma Delivers A Fun and Sexy Vibe On “Make Me Say”

When you are a music lover, it only takes one note, one beat, or one bar for a song to really stick to you. The overall sound matters more while the genre matters less; as long it is something that you can jam to with ease. That’s how I’m feeling with Karma’s latest single, “Make Me Say”, which was produced by artist Macc McCray. This R&B singer from Jersey City delivers a vibe on this one. She shows time and time again that she possesses a soulful demeanor like she showed on previous projects such as Life After Love and her joint project i95 & Wifi with rapper SōULFULL. She has continued to evolve, developing her unique artistry and the proof is in this single. Her upbeat verses keeps you boppin’ and intrigued with her vocal flow throughout the song until the very end. Take a listen below and let us know what you think!

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January 30th, 2017

Kick Off Monday Right With “Flaws” By Mona Brea

Monday’s tend to be rough as it kicks off a new week and in the adult world, can be a daunting thing to overcome. So I wanted to put everyone on to a new song that has been a smooth vibe to listen to on this day specifically. Mona Brea’s single “Flaws” is the perfect blend of eclectic fun and soul over an upbeat sound that you can relate to without delivering an overly serious message. The singer doesn’t just expresses her flaws in the song, but she explains how she chooses to embrace them. Each chorus is powerful and leads directly into the last hook that you won’t forget. Check it out below!

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January 27th, 2017

Justin Nova Delivers Sultry Sounds On Single, “New Love” ft. Joey Bee

Some artists tend to overcompensate with their music, dropping song after song with little to no break. Whether it’s beneficial or not, I can appreciate the artists who take their time before they drop any new music. Justin Nova is an artist who fits the bill after releasing his latest single, “New Love” about two months ago. The song begins with a light touch before it picks up into the smooth chorus by featured artist Joey Bee. Justin’s verses of lyricism are filled with subtle undertones of confidence and finesse as he talks about a new pursuit in his life. His witty bars make for a fun track and something you will enjoy. He delivers a chill vibe while staying true to his regular sound and demeanor. Check out the song below.

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November 18th, 2016

Winnas Only & Loft 9 Present #MeetTheDJs

Venturing out into the music industry is never an easy task and sometimes can be daunting for all of those involved. Artists have one of the biggest challenges especially, as they have to not only brand their unique image and sound but to ensure their music gets in the right hands that will lead them to success. Winnas Only partnered with Loft9 to put together an insightful event for those in the industry entitled #MeetTheDJs. The event was a panel discussion with some dope DJs from Jersey who offered their advice to artists and other upcoming DJs who were looking to follow their journey to success. The panelists included DJ DARKKENT, DJ Drewski, DJ Tarzan, DJ Shy and Ray Swag.

Throughout the night, everyone had an opportunity to network with people in the industry from artists and DJs to photographers, bloggers and those in media as well. The discussion focused on artists mostly and how they can be heard, how their music can be heard. Each panelist had an opportunity to bring their own perspective for how they achieved their success and how they maneuvered in this world. They expressed the best ways for artists to get in touch with DJs, branding one’s image and ultimately how to be the best version of yourself at all times.

Even though I am not a music artist, I was happy to walk away from this event having learned a lot as someone in media. Behind the lens, I was able to not only capture connections being made, but I witnessed growth and overall development through Loft9. I am a writer first but as a woman in media with a brand and platform, I learned a lot about how to take myself to the next level and how presentation is sometimes and usually, everything. If you missed the first one, make sure you catch the next one as Winnas Only and Loft9 seem to be only warming up! Check out some pictures below from the event and please be sure to click the pictures to enlarge and get the full quality!

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November 1st, 2016

TGM’s First Open Mic!

center>So it is with my pleasure to announce that Thagreymatter is hosting our first Open Mic on
Saturday, November 19th from 6-pm at the Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick, NJ.

Admission is $10 per person, you can pay using Cash at the door. No RSVP required.

Artists who want to PERFORM:
We will be accepting the first 10 artists that sign up to perform.
If you have accompanying music, please be ready to provide it at the beginning of the night.
Artists are not excluded from the admission price listed above.
Please arrive early, we expect to fill up fast!

Can’t wait to see you all. For further questions or concerns, please contact us at

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October 19th, 2016

Shakespear Goes Deep On “Love You Anyway”

Shakespear has been an artist that is always known for his unique flow but he’s also recognized for his bars that are translated through his ability to tell a story. On his latest single “Love You Anyway“, he goes below the surface to deliver a deeper feel and meaning for life while providing you with his own perspective. Throughout the song, you as the listener get a vibe of sincere reflection and a glimpse into his own healing from what has affected him personally as he continues to navigate this world. His flow pairs nicely with the ups and downs of his story as he discusses growing up, people passing judgement, and the sense of feeling alone. Similar to other songs he has released; in the sense that he has mastered the ability to open up wholeheartedly on the track, the song is still a song you will enjoy and vibe out to. Check it out below.

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October 13th, 2016

#THROWBACKthursday: “Lenny Harold Speaks About Pain On “MAYDAY” Feat. IZM

I had to take it way back for this throwback. Well not too far back but a year is definitely light years when it comes to the development of an artist’s sound. But every time I listen to this song, it is like the first time I heard it; it is paralyzing and beautiful at the same time. “MAYDAY” from Lenny Harold is a song that has always spoke to me, spoke to my mind and soul. It begins with a dispatcher calling in an accident before it switches gears and you hear a man speak about a painful experience he has endured. Quickly the song shifts and as it gets underway you are immersed with Lenny’s vocals calling out for help, asking “Where is the love now?” and stating “Hearts are crying out“. In a nutshell this song feels therapeutic, an escape from the world and still leaves an impact on my mind every time I listen. Take a break from your Thursday and listen below:

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October 12th, 2016

Shawn Crysis Rewinds Time In New Song, “Wade In The Water”

You can always depend on Shawn Crysis to deliver some #Chilly music; a sound that awakes your soul and keeps you entertained. For his latest release, he chooses something spiritual, something cultural to add to his new song, “Wade In The Water”. It first starts with an old hymn that you should recognize, especially those of the African-American community, before you start to vibe out. Only a snippet of the original song rings off in your ears before Shawn comes in with his creative storytelling and vivid imagery. His verse starts off smooth, as he uses both past and current references to keep you intrigued with what he has to share. He remains true to his artistry with his dynamic metaphors throughout the song while the vocals from “Wade In The Water” remain at the forefront of the chorus. The song is calm but still has the power to reel you in. Listen below:

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October 11th, 2016

ayodvle Displays A Softer Side on “Did You Love Me” Freestyle

Every now and then, life begins to pick up the pace, and sometimes has the ability to get a little crazy. But then there are times where there is silence, where calm moments can provide an essential break we need of peace and serenity. That is how I can describe the moment i listened to ayodvle’s “Did You Love Me?” freestyle, a song that delivers a soft tune and even softer vocals. An acoustic feel creeps in to the beginning of the song before you hear her ad libs begin to play in the background. The beat encompasses tranquility, which still provides the perfect platform for her to shine. Overall the song is a breath of fresh air in realm of chaos; Check it out below.