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May 3rd, 2017

The Intro To Warmth: “Cold” by Fredfades & More

Chaos usually erupts when multiple artists of different backgrounds appear on one track, but Fredfades has created something memorable on his latest single from his new LP entitled Warmth. The Norway artist fuses his music alongside featured artists Moruf, MoShadee and Ivan Ave on his intro song “Cold”. The beat is what catches my attention first, reminding me of something out of the 80s. Then each artist takes a turn on the track and flows right into the next with a subtle chorus serving as a bridge between the verses. The song is uniquely catchy and pulls the audience in enough to want to hear more, which is always the goal. Check out the single and full LP!

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May 3rd, 2017

Ayodale Delivers Some Truth On HE-R.

Therapy through a beat, isn’t that what music is anyway? Ayodale has mastered the ability to create music that feels like a therapeutic release. “HE-R.”, is no different and simply put, is one of my favorites from this artist. She simply talks over the beat and pulls you in as she discusses a woman in love and all that may come with it. Instead of writing about what she says exactly, I’ll leave the words up to her. Take a listen and comment below.

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May 3rd, 2017

Allen York Returns With Video For “Ghetto Gospel”

This single isn’t quite a new release but it doesn’t meet the standards of a traditional throwback. It’s the song that you’ve had on repeat and the music video just reminds you it was for very good reason. NY artist Allen York released a visual for his latest single, “Ghetto Gospel” early last month and the song itself is something you’ll want to keep in rotation. The simplicity in the production and witty lyricism forces you to enjoy the song while the video provides you with a glimpse into the New York lifestyle. Take a look below and stay tuned for his upcoming album Project Telescope.

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April 21st, 2017

Joella DeVille Releases Classic R&B Video For “Goodbye”

Simplicity is all that Joella DeVille needs when it comes to delivering great music and more importantly great visuals. Her latest music video for “Goodbye” proves that as you see a few glimpses of her alluring appearance in different locations, while adding a soft touch to her vocals on the song. This NJ native has spent many years mastering and curating a unique sound that sets her apart from other R&B singers. You’ll catch her singing in an elevator or directly into the camera, but it’s more like she is singing directly to you. This video differs from her last video for “Bigger and Better”, as it focuses more on her as an individual. It allows for you to hone in on the song itself and keep on track with the sound of her voice. Check it out below!

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April 5th, 2017

#FlowFridays Part I – “Forenzo”

Artistry is more than just someone’s ability to create but also how they distribute the music to their audience. Dropping an album or a project has its pros and cons of course, but Queens rapper F.L.O.W. has decided to have some fun with new music he is releasing. He kicked off his #FlowFridays series last week with the first single, “Forenzo”, produced by Jiggy Hendrix. The beat is simple enough to allow his flow to illuminate, keeping you intrigued with his sound throughout the song. It’s catchy and of course has some bars to remind you that his rap ability never wavers. You can tell with this one, he’s just warming up. Check it out below and stay tuned for his next single that drops this Friday.

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April 4th, 2017

Karma Delivers A Fun and Sexy Vibe On “Make Me Say”

When you are a music lover, it only takes one note, one beat, or one bar for a song to really stick to you. The overall sound matters more while the genre matters less; as long it is something that you can jam to with ease. That’s how I’m feeling with Karma’s latest single, “Make Me Say”, which was produced by artist Macc McCray. This R&B singer from Jersey City delivers a vibe on this one. She shows time and time again that she possesses a soulful demeanor like she showed on previous projects such as Life After Love and her joint project i95 & Wifi with rapper SōULFULL. She has continued to evolve, developing her unique artistry and the proof is in this single. Her upbeat verses keeps you boppin’ and intrigued with her vocal flow throughout the song until the very end. Take a listen below and let us know what you think!

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January 30th, 2017

Kick Off Monday Right With “Flaws” By Mona Brea

Monday’s tend to be rough as it kicks off a new week and in the adult world, can be a daunting thing to overcome. So I wanted to put everyone on to a new song that has been a smooth vibe to listen to on this day specifically. Mona Brea’s single “Flaws” is the perfect blend of eclectic fun and soul over an upbeat sound that you can relate to without delivering an overly serious message. The singer doesn’t just expresses her flaws in the song, but she explains how she chooses to embrace them. Each chorus is powerful and leads directly into the last hook that you won’t forget. Check it out below!

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January 27th, 2017

Justin Nova Delivers Sultry Sounds On Single, “New Love” ft. Joey Bee

Some artists tend to overcompensate with their music, dropping song after song with little to no break. Whether it’s beneficial or not, I can appreciate the artists who take their time before they drop any new music. Justin Nova is an artist who fits the bill after releasing his latest single, “New Love” about two months ago. The song begins with a light touch before it picks up into the smooth chorus by featured artist Joey Bee. Justin’s verses of lyricism are filled with subtle undertones of confidence and finesse as he talks about a new pursuit in his life. His witty bars make for a fun track and something you will enjoy. He delivers a chill vibe while staying true to his regular sound and demeanor. Check out the song below.

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November 11th, 2016

Loft9 Hosts Its First Speed Shooting Event (Recap)

I had the privilege of attending Loft9’s Speed Shooting 101 event this past Sunday in New Brunswick, NJ. This unique event catered to beginner and upcoming models, photographers, stylists and make-up artists to not only improve their portfolio, but for an opportunity to connect with other individuals in the industry. The event included multiple backdrops, props and spaces throughout the space and even on the space’s rooftop where models had an opportunity to transform their looks between photographers’ stations. The event was hosted by Loft9’s owner DJ DARKKENT and his colleagues Amber, Kaila Boulware, Cooke and Jasmine Eaton.


As I moved throughout the event, I was able to really take in each moment, each snapshot of beauty that the models exuded. It was chaotic at times as there were many moving pieces, but I enjoyed witnessing the interactions between so many individuals. I had time to talk to some photographers such as Najee from Rebellious Visions, Where’s Diggity?, and Joshua before I also ran into some other familiar faces from social media and local events. It wasn’t long before I ran into Hajirah, from Urban One Radio who was modeling a few different looks throughout the space. Being able to watch these individuals create and network was a breath of fresh air and ultimately an inspiring way to end the weekend.

Loft9 is a local business and ultimately a space for creatives to use to expand their visions and crafts, was able to step out of the norm and execute a vision that was not only memorable but beneficial for all of those involved. As the music soared behind the beauty being captured in front of the camera, I realized I was surrounded by passion, ambition and peace. Each individual there had a purpose and was using their resources to execute it to perfection. This was a dope event and I am eager to see how they expand with future events or a Speed Shooting 102 sequel. Make sure to follow their page for more or contact them directly for your creative needs. You can find some pictures from the event below.