December 4th, 2015


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I am Breona Garrison, a college graduate, a daughter, a friend, but I am also a writer. I believe in the use of words to convey a message to others and to disseminate my thoughts. I can sit here and tell you a million reasons why I write, why I feel so close to the words that leave me every day, but i rather show you.

Tha grey matter is my personal platform to cover and explore the raw talent in our own backyard. Being a recent college graduate, I somehow fell back in love with a passion, my yearning to write, to experience but also to learn. We overlook the creativity that we have opportunities to expose ourselves to everyday. We live in a fast-paced world, chaos surrounds us and we are constantly on the move losing our ability to experience art. I am on a mission to not let these opportunities pass me by anymore. It is beautiful, exhilarating to witness the work of others first hand and I will be damned to let another day go by without writing it.

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After interning at XXL Magazine, I understood the joy writing about art and entertainment gave me. Tha grey matter is a weird but great way to describe this journey. Rap, music, art, hell any form of expression that crosses my path tends to put a pep in my step, a twinkle in my smile and a flutter in my heart. I believe in the root of creativity, in the root in our abilities to express ourselves through a craft of some kind. I feel this innate ability is something that is not black and white, not simple or hard, but so intricate and complex.

Whether a singer, rapper, or a fellow writer, you have the ability to release something inside of you. Every emotion or thought you feel, you can look within, transform it into some type of creative outlet and display it for the world to see. Either way, some people draw from a deep place in order to explain who they are. Some do it to allow others the opportunity to understand themselves while others do it for the kicks. Either way, this creation of work isn’t black or white, there is no right or wrong answer. There is no right or wrong way to be you, to express yourself, thus living in the grey.

Every post here is meant to showcase the up and coming talent that I see day in and day out. It is the matter of our culture, the bulk of our lives and we don’t even realize the power that we all hold within ourselves. My vision is to write, but in the same breath I can honestly say it is bigger than that too, it includes investing the time and energy into not only attempting to be understood, but to understand.

This is my journey. See the raw talent and the art of the creative souls on this platform through my own lens. I may stumble, but it’s okay, I live in the grey.

Tha grey matter

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