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October 12th, 2016

Shawn Crysis Rewinds Time In New Song, “Wade In The Water”

You can always depend on Shawn Crysis to deliver some #Chilly music; a sound that awakes your soul and keeps you entertained. For his latest release, he chooses something spiritual, something cultural to add to his new song, “Wade In The Water”. It first starts with an old hymn that you should recognize, especially those of the African-American community, before you start to vibe out. Only a snippet of the original song rings off in your ears before Shawn comes in with his creative storytelling and vivid imagery. His verse starts off smooth, as he uses both past and current references to keep you intrigued with what he has to share. He remains true to his artistry with his dynamic metaphors throughout the song while the vocals from “Wade In The Water” remain at the forefront of the chorus. The song is calm but still has the power to reel you in. Listen below:

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