I miss music.

My exact thoughts I have had recently when I realized I wasn’t alone. The words traveled slowly through my ears as I listened to Monica’s latest album. It was good, but the ending took a different turn. The last song, “I Miss Music” discusses the greats in music and the way they have impacted her personally and musically:

“and the Fugees and Lauryn, I miss Kurt Cobain. I miss Stevie, I wonder would things be the same”.
She continues to list out the icons of music, the artists who are timeless when it comes to the culture. All of which, represent different eras and different sounds. I couldn’t help but feel fueled by this particular song as I approached TGM’s 1 year anniversary. It was a blaring wake-up call. Not to just reminisce but just to remember why it is I got into this game. At one point in my life, I ‘missed’ music so much that I chased it. I looked for the feeling it gives me in the wrong places, realizing music was it for me, it was everything. I was in love with it.

I realized my relationship with music is usually one that gives and takes but also inspires. It is hard and daunting and sometimes can even be disappointing, but never absent. I can depend on it, no matter the circumstance. I have always found myself in music, in the culture.


Thagreymatter has been my journey of finding fulfillment for myself but to ensure that those in this industry do the same. Its purpose was and still is to provide a dynamic platform for young adults with these god given talents that elsewhere, can’t shine. Over the last year, I have dedicated over a 100 pieces/ articles to document artists and their work. And along the way, I have somehow thrown two shows at the Paul Vincent Studios in New Jersey and at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York.

So maybe I used to miss music. Maybe I used to really crave and miss this old sound, a certain era perhaps, but that feeling has since departed. I have found something else that gives me an even better feeling through thagreymatter. I have grown to love and adore the underground scene. The vibrant energy of each individual through a beat, through a memorable lyric or even through someone’s canvas. I have taken this new found love and turned it into something positive for myself, my peers and hopefully for this community.


I have pushed the boundaries of being just a writer or an event host, and I hope to continue to evolve well into 2016. I even had the opportunity to host TGM’s first Hip-Hop Cypher for some of Jersey’s most talented rappers and I was blown away with the work of each artist. 2016 is about doing more for myself but more for the culture of music for Jersey. I won’t always succeed, and I know I won’t always be great, but I will always try.

So to those who have watched me, who have inspired me and pushed me, I sincerely thank you. I thank you for your encouraging words that extinguished my internal fears. For every artist that I have wrote about, met, interviewed– thank you. I couldn’t have possibly executed this brand without your talent, dedication and work ethic to pursue your dream.

Here’s to #thagreymatter’s first year as a blog/ brand and so much more. Stay tuned as I continue this journey for Jersey, I promise, this is only the beginning.