A new season is approaching, moods are quickly changing and people tend to be more happy, more positive in various aspects of their lives. It doesn’t matter what you are going through, but it is always good to start off a new season with something new, a solid beat, great vocals and even a dope feature. I’m referring to new music Ty Jack released, which is definitely something to kick off Spring.

“It’s Real” featuring O.E is a smooth track with a strong R&B sound. Ty Jack, also known as Tyler Jackson, is a singer who not only has great vocal versatility, but also the ability to toss you back into the depths of classic R&B. After dropping Higher Level last year, he continues to put out consistent music, working on another project for 2015, Eranu. The track is simplistic, allowing soft-sounding instruments to give him open reign to show talent. The lyrics are simple, repetitive, but very catchy. I caught myself singing it by the end of the song and that does not happen often. The first thing the song does is highlight his ability to vocalize before the song is in full swing. What I think compliments his voice is O.E at the end to give it a good close. His flow and energy not only matched the beat and Ty Jack’s sound, but it kind of empowered it, pulling it all together to make a great track. Either way, Ty Jack’s new song is a great preview to the kind of work I hope to see on his upcoming project.