Her music is raw and pure. Like kinetic energy, it possesses the ability to not only touch you, but move you. Kärma uses her vocal abilities to shed light on previous sounds of R&B. You remember the melody and soul of Lauryn Hill, or the poetic feel from Floetry? This is what R&B has been missing, what music has been missing and I believe Kärma’s sweet tunes will bring it back.

Also known as Candice, this Jersey City native dives into neo-soul as she writes and produces her own music. Reminiscent of afrocentric creations, the cover art for this project is simplistic, yet imaginative. Entitled Life After Love, the EP draws you in to focus on her as an artist, and to explore her mind creatively. She starts the 8 track EP, originally released in October 2014, without even really singing on “Doo-Wop Intro”. Just her vocalizing, and playing/ creating her own music was all it needed for me to be intrigued.

She continues to use her creativity to produce solid tracks and introduce old-school sounds. She discusses being stuck and in love with someone on songs, “Sometimes” and “Hung^ Interlude”, adding a great touch to the project. They remind you that while we are all cut from different cloths, we still tend to experience the same things. Slipping into a deeper and more mellow vibe, “Framed” speaks volumes to the pain some of us expect or tolerate in relationships:

“And the hardest thing for me to do is live,
Living in your world forgiving all the bullshit that you seemed to dish,
All the while it slipped my mind, it slipped my mind..”

It’s like the EP then turned the page, changing it’s mood and direction. It’s as if she awoke from a slumber and ended up positively swimming through her emotions. “Repeat” is the switch in this EP, making it a smooth and excellent transition into the rest of the EP. Listening to it over and over again, I became instantly attached to “Smile”, not because it is an upbeat song, but because it quickly became my anthem.

“I think my mind may wander,
I’m in love with the shit,
I came back for it,
A thousand times more prepared and I just smile.”

This EP is a music changer for me. It reminded me to find the message in what I feed my soul and to make sure I felt joy every time I put on my headphones. I was able to slowly step back from the quintessential sounds of hip-hop and R&B and have some ol’ school fun listening to Life After Love. Overall this project is uplifting and a riveting account of her views on relationships, love and more. Be sure to listen for yourself!