With a soothing and calm melody, this track from Khamaal has grew on me quickly. Hailing from Paterson, NJ, he uses “Chi Gong” as a way to speak on the positives he sees in his community instead of wallow in the negative aspects that most think of when speaking about his city.

His voice trailing over the beat, is reminiscent of the sounds you may hear from Ab-Soul, as his flow ties perfectly with the overall sound of the track. It is rhythmic and at some points in the song feels utterly spiritual. I appreciate the reality of this song, the different path he went by talking about something that is worth the attention, and the praise. Instead of the norm, he chooses to point out the good in others, in his community. Allow the melodious sounds of Khamaal to really reach and take over you and experience his world as he appreciates the unity of others.

chi noun \ˈkī, ˈkē\ “vital energy that is held to animate the body internally”