With the chaotic schedule that I have during the week, even I sometimes yearn for the simplicity in what I do. Writing about songs, art, and music videos, can be overwhelming at times, but luckily this music video didn’t overwhelm me, it was fresh and elegantly done. Shot on the streets of Rutgers Campus in New Brunswick, SOULFULL uses a candid approach for his video “boreDUMB”. The first and much anticipated visual from his EP, HOMEMADE, is simple, and I mean that in the best way. Not overloaded with too many abrupt scenes, SOULFULL is able to effortlessly perform in front of the camera, rap on the basketball courts, and still maintain his energy throughout the entire video. Being his first visual as a rapper, he’s beginning to fully develop his image as a serious artist. Directed by Ron Downes Jr., it delivers a classic video feel you would catch late night on MTV Jams and that is beyond dope.