The track is long, and when I say long, I mean eight minutes kind of long. But it is filled with some of the best lyricists/ rappers discussing more than just music, discussing the struggles experienced by African-American men. Hak7m Faraji starts the track with a clip of the late Tupac Shakur’s interview with MTV in 1997. He hear a few triumphant and inspiring words from the the artist before he pulls in a clip from Kendrick Lamar’s interview on Hot 97. The static in between clips is authentic, providing a realistic way of looking into the dim tunnel of the past from hip-hop artists. Education through music is rare, emphasizing the ability to connect lyricism with the cruel entities of the world. Hak7m Faraji doesn’t even make his a peep on the track until three minutes in. His flow serves at the perfect foundation for the entire song. Check it out.