Khamaal, also widely known as GodBody, has delivered another freestyle, remaining a consistent rapper out of Paterson, NJ. Teaming up with fellow New Jeru Native member SiR.MOORE, “Vice City” is a laid back track with a simple beat allowing them to shine through effortlessly. They maintain their lyricism throughout the track while simultaneously keeping it light and fun with their catchphrases and flow. They use some of the lyrics from the original song, giving it that Black Hippy sound:

Big weed and big booty bitches man that shit gives life to me,
She walked up to me now, her man’s picking a fight with me.

Each rapper’s freestyle compliments each other, allowing the song to be balanced with both sounds of the rappers to form a uniformed vibe for the overall track. Both members of New Jeru, you get just a glimpse of the raw talent some of the group possess. Check it out for yourself and comment below!