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September 4th, 2015

A.P-Da-Don Powerful Visual For “Let The Hood Die”

Here is A.P-Da-Don last visual for the song, “Let The Hood Die”. The rapper, straight out of Paterson, NJ, shows his conscious vision for the violence that surrounded him on a daily basis. The song is undeniably powerful, as it focuses primarily on Paterson, but is also symbolic of other hoods in America.

The video, while a little choppy, is overall a cool visual. Directed by King Ja and SOS_JP, there are multiple shots of news outlets reporting incidents of murders or some type of violence that pushes it over the edge. For a moment you forget that you are watching a music video and instead it feels like you are in the comfort of your living room watching the news. Completely raw, it reminds you of the realities of the hood and how some never make it out.

Check it out!

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