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August 30th, 2015

THROWBACK: Wolfe Drops 4-Track EP, “Brahma Kamalam”

Upcoming rapper Wolfe recently dropped new music entitled Brahma Kamalam. The EP, only containing 4 songs was the perfect taste of new sound that his followers and fans have craved for. Overall the EP is mostly mellow starting with “Black” but before the first song is over, you can tell that he is only building momentum for the rest of this body of work. Speaking about something the lack of justice for African Americans, you can feel his passion for worldly things in his voice.

He continues with song “What Chu Want” which is as cool as the next song. His pace has intensified pulling you into the music run he seems to be going on. My favorite is “Brahma Kamalam” with another artist Dizzy. This track is trippy, but does not shy away from his overall sound. Dizzy’s flow and vocals compliment his tracks without distracting the listener.

“Outro” is probably the realest track I’ve heard in a while. Not only do you get a few dope tracks but he finishes solid with a track that sparks an internal conversation and reminds us of the things around us. He uses this track to talk about the issues that we see, but all the issues we don’t speak enough about. It’s the longest track but with voices speaking on social issues throughout, it is worth every second.

Wolfe fulfills the purpose of an EP, a way to provide music but leave your listener with a taste for more. As he continues to evolve, I am eager to see where he takes his creativity next.

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