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August 30th, 2015

2nd Annual Dear Summer Concert (RECAP)

With every step my foot touched going up the stairs toward the main event, I could feel the music already hitting my body, pulsating through my veins until I hit the top step. Passing through security, I entered a large space where people stood awaiting the fist performance.

The annual concert, Dear Summer, took place at the Majesty Loft in Montclair, NJ. The vision of artists from different creative walks of life coming together for a concert was made possible by promoter and artist himself, Mar. It was a showcase of multiple talents from across New Jersey. Hosted by Tweek, the concert started with some powerful and relevant words from Simply Honey. She highlighted flaws with the current generation and was effortless in her poetic attack of the world we live in.

The concert continued with performances from King Ras who continued with spoken word and Karma who used her singing capabilities to dominate the stage. While people continued to pour into the room, she maintained remarkable stage presence, never losing sight of each audience member. She finished her set with singing acapella, it provided everyone with a glimpse into her raw talent.

Lamont Glxry took the stage next. This rapper’s turn-up energy was perfect as the crowd was more established and become hyped with his performance. Before he could fully get into his second song, he had ripped his shirt and continued to hype his fans.

Switching back to singing, the next artist Sean Love was having fun with the mic as he used his vocals to woo the individuals in the room. Big Ave was up next before the intermission for the concert.


The intermission was perfect timing and served its purpose of giving everyone time to mingle and network in this space. Once it was over, the first artist to take the stage from the second half of the concert was Jelahn Kruze. He introduced a new song during his set entitled, “FaceTime” and hopped off stage to sing to a few ladies, including me.

A few rappers took to the stage after starting with a arguably new rapper, C4, who finished his dope set with some dance moves proving his versatility as an upcoming artist. Whiiteboy used a royalty-type chair on stage for part of his set when he performed “Still Fuck”.


Next up was Rob Get-It who performed some of his own music before doing a song with Mar. The third song was a perfect transition for the next rapper, Bleszt, who also performed alongside the rapping duo. Performances continued from artist Ave and more.

But the momentum of the concert was at an all time-high with rappers continuing to bring their best to the stage. The concert concluded with artists such as Jay Smallz, King Braize and last but not least, Sxint Chris.

Each one of the artists used their craft on stage to bring a great energy into the room. Each moment, each word was memorable and had a way of sticking with you throughout the entire concert. I was in a trance for a while, allowing each beat to hit me, allowing each word to form meaning in my ears, I was in a state of intoxication with the music. And I wasn’t the only one by the looks of the other concert goes. Maybe they were in a trance too or wondering who would be up next for the third annual concert.

I figure the latter.


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  • Rob Get-It

    Was a dope event.. love the recap

    August 31st, 2015 at 2:27 pm Reply
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