It’s Thursday so I decided to yet again rewind time musically and share a song that is if anything, lowkey dope. With the television show Sons of Anarchy being one of the most popular shows from the FX network, it isn’t too surprising that an artist is using it as an inspiration for their music. Brooklyn rapper, Jeff Wesson, highlighted one of the characters from the show with his single, “Bobby Munson”. Referring to him as an OG throughout the song was a a great acknowledgement of the his aura in the show itself. The song is upbeat and very gritty. He uses a lot of word play alongside his elevated vocals to push the song creatively. He drops a few bars but doesn’t over do it, maintaining the same energy throughout the track. It’s just a dope track and a great one for this Thursday.

“stunting on the hoes, used to never say jack.
niggas bars flat so it’s time to bring the jack.
always keep a spare rhyme,
so faded like you grandfather’s hairline”